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Nina Ryabova-Belskaya is a well known artist. Her pastels make unexpected impression from the first sight. The spectator will get to know dense and constrained painting method, which looks similar to the old tapestry. The technique she uses excludes the possibility of achieving

clarity of the paint layer, so she puts glaze coat and uses dark ground colors based on the ancient Italian tradition.

The uniqueness of the author’s manner doesn’t fit into ordinary frames of believes about pastels and “pastel tones”.Widening the borders of technique’s capabilities Nina Ryabova-Belskaya bravely tries out different textures of paper. She achieves a special sight of bright red and green colors, which dominate in her paintings and mach together with still life and Hispanic spirit from the “Flamenco” series.

She refused to use the tones that are too soft and tender flower shades which are common for pastel and water color techniques. The most attention the artist pays for main technique characteristic – the velvet texture of it’s surface.

The emotional directions of the main topics, which Nina Ryabova-Belskaya is working with, are very different, but it doesn’t prevent one from comprehending the paintings at the exposition and even gives the impression of quite justified balance between them. The tense process of preparation work is hidden from the spectators, who observe only noticeable easiness of paintbrush touch of the paper surface. The painter isn’t afraid to work with large size surfaces, which are usually not used for chamber pastel technique. The main impression you get from acquaintance with author’s work is that she is perfectly combining the classic technique with some innovations.